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Biofeedback Electrodes

Biofeedback Electrodes
Biofeedback Electrodes

Pathway Electrodes:
  • For use with Pathway clinical and home surface EMG units.
  • Anatomically correct rectangular shape.
  • Enhance EMG signal pickups and reduces background "noise".
  • 100 per package.
Triode Biofeedback electrodes:
  • Popular style of surface EMG electrode.
  • Features standard 2cm spacing between silver-silver chloride electrodes and brass plated nickel snaps plated brass to help prevent corrosion when connected to pre-ampliers.
  • 100 per package.
Easytrodes Biofeedback Electrodes:
  • For use with clinical and home surface EMG units.
  • Soft.
  • Conforming.
  • Utilizes a standard snap connector.
  • 150 per package.